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Dusty Mesa Productions



Dances with Films - Audience Award

After coming across a Walkman from her youth, a Woman is taken back to her time during the mid 1980's, as she listens to the cassette's first track. Featuring the song "Call on You" by Timecop1983 and The Boy & Sister Alma.

Director: Bilal Haider

Camera: RED Weapon Helium 8K

Lenses: Lomo Anamorphics

July 2017

From a quick meeting at a pub to the big screens at Hollywood's Chinese Theater, this project marks the 2nd time working with Bilal. With our budget paid for entirely out of pocket, we knew we couldn't hire a crew to run a full production package. We focused instead on finding great locations, character blocking, framing, and post production. Since we had a tight 2.5 day schedule, we chose the RED for it's ability to capture an incredible amount of detail in all lighting situations while still allowing us to maintain a fast paced shooting schedule. Using all available light, a small bounce board, and Lomo Anamorphic lenses gave us that perfect, retro 80's style look that tied the whole film together. One of my favorite projects so far!