Hannah, a troubled woman, is left alone to face against an alleged stalker.

Director: Krisztián Nagy

Camera: RED Epic 5K

Lenses: Canon EF Lenses

November 2013

A milestone for my future development as a filmmaker. It was the first time using a "real" cinema camera, having only shot on dSLR's and small handheld cameras before. Not only that, the spectacularly well-written script allowed for a lot of lighting experimentation, which resulted in most of the scenes shot with natural sunlight, household lamps, and, in the case of the climax, a strand of red Christmas lights. This project also introduced me to the sheer power of these types of cameras, and sparked a new path down an interest in color grading through the introduction of DaVinci Resolve. While this film was shot very early on in my career, I consider it one of the most important films I've ever worked on, and I still thank Krisztián to this day for giving me the opportunity.