Cannes Short Film Corner

HIMPFF - Winner

Euro Fest - Official Selection

A story about the struggle and growth of a lesbian tomboy. It realistically explores the bittersweet dynamic between a popular lesbian and a previously straight girl. A genuine story spanning across 6 years about finding their identity and discovering the courage to love.

Director: Story Chen

Camera: Sony FS100

Lenses: Cooke S4 Minis

November 2015

Filming in New York is always an interesting experience. You have distant, wide open avenues and tight, miniature apartments; similar to the relationship dynamic between these two characters. We were limited to using the Sony, a camera with great image quality yet a distinctly digital signature that didn't quite fit the nature of the script. I brought in the Cooke S4's, with their fantastic film-like texture and subtle softness, to take the edge off the biting sharpness of the FS100 sensor. From (almost illegally) rigging sources to a rickety NYC fire escape to trying to find the right balance and tone with the bleak attic scene, lighting was always an interesting challenge. With both characters going through so many different emotions throughout the film, it was definitely a joy to experiment with different textures and styles to put together this wonderful vignette of a chaotic relationship.