Broken Memories.jpg


In Post Production

“碎忆” or Sui Yi in Chinese (English Title: Bloom), means broken memories. A little boy playing on a beach in a dream realm. He is met with his future self, and they begin to share their stories with each other. This film is a metaphor for the precious memories that we have all had in our lives. We can never live in our past, nor the future. The only moment that we can truly possess is right now.

Director: Wesley Liu

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini

Lenses: Cooke S5i

August 2018

For two months I worked on my first feature film (or any project) in China, and it has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Within three weeks of being notified of this project, I sacrificed a great full-time job here in the States and got the first ticket I could straight overseas. Traveling from Beijing, to the sparkling beaches of Beidaihe, to the lush valleys of Anhui to the very top of the majestic Yellow Mountains, I saw a side of China that I had never seen before. Despite the language barrier of working with a mostly Chinese-speaking crew (since I only knew the basics), I’ve been shown that the language of film is universal. The beauty of this film comes not only from an elegantly written script, but from the powerful performances provided by the talented cast, and the 60+ stunning locations we had the fortune to use. This film is currently in post production, slated for a theatrical release all over China in February 2019, with plans to release worldwide as well. I hope you enjoy the following frames from the film!