A selection of works I've completed as cinematographer. From the bustling streets of New York City, to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, I've worked with many unique filmmakers on a bevy of interesting stories around the world. While the the projects I've selected below don't represent the full range of films I've shot, they are among my most memorable. The camaraderie, chaos, drama, and satisfaction I experienced on and off set are as important to me as the end result, if not more so. This may be a showcase of my work, but personally, it's also a memoir to all of the grand adventures I've had. I look forward to embarking on the next episode!


Feature Film - 2018

Music Video - 2017

Short Film - 2016

Featurette - 2016

SHort Film - 2015

Feature Film - 2015

Short Film - 2014

Short Film - 2014