A story about five different individuals living in New York City and how they perceive the world around them. They all struggle against societal and economic pressures as their stories unfold. While they all come from different places in life, some of their lives intertwine, whilst others pass each other by. Every stranger you meet has their own story. This is a look into just some of them.

Director: Jules S

Camera: Sony FS7

Lenses: Cooke S4 Minis

July 2015

A tumultuous project. Starting with a fresh cast and crew of over 30 people quickly devolved into a small handful of devoted, yet talented individuals over the next three weeks, with a few people joining in halfway and almost immediately dropping out. While this was the longest project I've ever shot, it is also one of my proudest, as I feel that through all the drama and chaos that ensued during principal photography, the few fantastic people who remained until the bitter end pulled together to create something special. Something raw. The project may have never been fully completed, but in the end, that's not what matters. While it may sound strange to those who will never know what went wrong behind the scenes, what makes this project truly remarkable, at least to me, was the experience itself, the bonds that we forged, and the spectacular work that we have created as one. It's true as they say; pain brings people together.